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Culture and folklore

Dec 18, 2017 3:30:01 PM

Do you know famous people from the Namur area? You might have heard of one or two of them. Let us present our major artists of past and present.


"L'Incantation" by Félicien Rops
Painters : Wiertz, Patenier (1485-1524), Dandoy (1885-1977) whose works extol the charms of the Namur countryside. Rops, the enfant terrible of Namur, was second to none for his swipes at the middle classes and the clerical sector in the second half of the 19th century.

Poets and writers : Henri Michaux (1899-1984), Jean Tousseul (1890-1994), Maurice des Ombiaux (1868-1943), Arthur Masson (1896-1970) and more recently Gaston Compère (1924), Nicole Malinconi.

Craftsmen such as Brother Hugo d'Oignies (13th century) who bestowed upon us an unestimable treasure of gold and silver plate. ?

Artistes : Adolphe Sax (1814-1894), inventor of the saxophone créateur du saxophone, Benoît Poelvoorde (1965) artiste de scène et d'écran.

Intellectuels : Jules Duculot (1869-1945) printer who made a name for the Belgian grammarian Maurice Grévisse, Léopold Génicot (194-1995) Walloon historian, Joseph Hance (1902-1992), dictionary author.

Celebrities : Willy Lambiotte (1936) creator of the animated films “The Blue Tunics”, Blanche de Namur (1315-1363) wife of a king of Sweden and whose name is today associated with a beer, Father Dominique Pire (1910-1969) winner of the Nobel Peace Prize and founder of the University of Peace and the Islands of Peace, Brother Mutien Marie recently sanctified by Pope Jean-Paul II.

Lively folklore

Carnival in the Valley Country
Numerous carnivals and bonfires chase the rough winter.
All year round there are traditional festivities, such as the Fêtes de Wallonie or the playful Nautical Jousts.
In May performers and fairground artists invade the town of Namur.
Processions and tattoos shake the area between the Sambre and Meuse rivers.
Several brotherhoods protect the local culinary traditions.

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