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Jul 4, 2019 10:53:17 AM

Discover Wallonia or Brussels, the Ardennes, the Fagne or East Belgium with the Kaleo network! Groups or individuals, families or friends, schools or sports clubs ... The range of accommodation, stays and activities offered by the Kaleo Network is designed to meet your expectations!

From accommodation...

Our 25 locations will allow you to enjoy a peaceful stay in a natural setting so you can discover the local heritage.

In our 8 hostels accommodations, our teams offer a variety of packages : from bed & breakfast to full board in friendly and comfortable surroundings. In our 25 groups accommodations, you're in complete control! Enjoy our basic, well-equipped facilities, from 13 to 204 beds, for group rental to ensure a fully independent stay.

... to stays and activities

Every Kaleo stay provides those taking part with personal fulfilment and a chance to connect with others through living in a group.

In addition to our local events, why not also join the Kaleo school trips: educational programmes developed with our school partners to meet your wishes. Not to mention the Kaleo courses, offering your child fun, entertainment and a change of scenery!

More information : - +32 2 209 03 00 -

Our 5 missions
- To enable as many young people and families as possible to discover and experience the quality surroundings of our gîtes.
- To offer high-quality group accommodation, holidays and activities.
- To allow reflection and educational support for the groups staying in our accommodation through living together.
- To promote the personal and civic development of the young people staying in our accommodation (CRACS).
- To promote financial, physical and cultural accessibility to the association's activities through tourism for all.

Our values
- Everybody is welcome
- Discovering the local environment
- Living as part of a group
- Mutual support and cooperation
- Respect



Take a look at our brochures for all the tips and inspiration for your stay in the province of Namur!




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