Our must-see classics

Why these are must-see places of the Namur area? Because you can't find them anywhere else.

One of Europe's largest networks of subterranean passages

The Namur Citadel, one of the largest in Europe, has over 7 km of underground passages. Napoleon called it Europe's termite mound.
Spaniards, Dutchmen, Germans and Frenchmen built this underground network during military occupations. 

Visit the segment enhanced with son et lumière.

  • tour of the subterranean passages from April to September (1h30)
  • rickshaw tour for persons with reduced mobility (book, please)
  • take warm clothes (temperature of 53° to 57° F)
  • local produce at the store
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Belgium's most vertiginous fortress

Relive the fights between the French and the Germans in August 1914 at the Dinant Citadel.
Put yourself in a soldier's shoes and experience his daily occupations during the Great War. The collapsed counter-air bunker will certainly make an impression.

Enjoy a tour of this historical place with origins in the 11th century as well as the great view of the Meuse valley.

  • interactive scale model and stages characters
  • access per cable car or via the stairs with 408 steps, but also via the car park at the upper entrance (for persons with reduced mobility, for instance)
  • dogs allowed
  • combine with a boat tour on the Meuse River
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One of Europe's most beautiful cave complexes

Explore more than 2 km in the belly of the earth and admire the stalactites, stalagmites and draperies.
The Lesse River has shaped the caves throughout the centuries. You can see the river at various moments. 

The beauty of the caves is enhanced by the recent, more sustainable led-lighting and by means of a son et lumière.  

  • a vintage street car transports visitors to the entrance (4 km ride)
  • multilingual tours, 508 steps
  • next to the caves: wildlife park for a whole day of amusement with the kids
  • you can spend the night in a tent hanging between trees 
Grotte de Han-sur-Lesse les Draperies
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The largest Belgian reservoir

The Eau d'Heure Lakes get their name from the Eau d'Heure River. They were created in 1970 by means of 5 dams.
The vast reservoir has a hydroelectric power station you can visit. Discover the giant of steel and the impressive 360° panorama from the top of the tower.
The banks offer amusement for all tastes: walking, cycling (over 100 km of paths), adventure park, water sports, playground, etc. 

  • vast area with lots of activities: plan your visit according to your preferences
  • visit the lakes at various times in order to enjoy the seasons
  • build sand castles and have a swim in the open air at the Funzone
  • unique in the region: the spin cable and the water plane
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Belgium's largest private library

The Maredsous Abbey invites visitors in its peaceful setting.

The guide brings the abbey to life with his stories about the abbey and the history of the Benedictines.
Furthermore, the abbey possesses the largest private library of the country. The library is accessible for researchers or connoisseurs of old books.
A beer and cheese tasting end the tour. 

Children can have fun on the playground next to the terrace of the restaurant.  

  • the tour offers access to spaces free visitors cannot access
  • have a walk in the surroundings and discover the near Maredret Abbey, which tells the history of a convent
  • combine with the railbikes of the Molignée valley

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Take advantage of these must-see attractions in order to explore the area. Those spontaneous moments often provide the finest memories.