5 tips for outings in the area of the Rivers

Would you like to discover this area of the Namur Province crossed by two important waterways and a lot of small wild rivers? Here are 5 tips for trips…


In Andenne you can go shopping but it is also a heritage town. The collegiate church (Collégiale Sainte-Begge) is one of the architectural gems that are worth a detour. The neoclassical collegiate church was built from 1764 in the place where Saint Begga founded a Merovingian abbey in 692. Discover the treasure of the collegiate church, with wonderful pieces of gold or silver work from the 16th tot the 20th centuries.

  • Adresse: Place du Chapitre, 5300 Andenne
  • Easy parking
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Do you love history? There is no shortage of museums in the Namur city. This is one we recommend: "Les Bateliers: les musées archéologique et des arts décoratifs". It was totally redesigned, restored and extended in 2019. It was a shooting location for the French movie "Les Visiteurs 3". Visit this 18th century fine large house with its furniture and decorations in various styles (baroque, Louis XIV).

  • Adresse: Rue Joseph Saintraint 3, 5000 Namur 
  • Car park in the near: Place Saint-Aubain 
More information about Les Bateliers


White, brown or blond? Enjoy the pleasure of tasting our beers. Did you know many of our breweries welcome visitors? In Gembloux the Brasserie Bertinchamps invites you for a 1 hour tour: discover (nearly) all the secrets of the 7 beers they brew.

  • Adresse: rue du Monty - 5030 Gemblouxx, then follow the arrow 
  • The museum of the Man of Spy, a 15 minutes ride from the brewery, plunges you into a whole other world. Combine both!
  • Easy parking
More information about the Brasserie Bertinchamps


Did you know this? The saxophone was invented by Adolphe Sax, who was born in Dinant in 1814. His home town has not forgotten him and dedicates a museum to Sax: the House of Monsieur Sax brings homage to the brilliant instrument makers and tells everything about that instrument that caused a revolution in music.

  • Adresse: Rue Adolphe Sax 37, 5500 Dinant 
  • Ga op de foto naast het standbeeld van Adolphe Sax voor het museum!
Adolphe Sax
More information about the House of Monsieur Sax


Walking on the bank of the Meuse River in Hastière is a bit like time travelling. Wild banks take turns with former luxury hotels from the time before the war when Hastière was a popular tourist spot. Why not let the charm last with visit the Villa 1900 in Waulsort? Go back in time to the Belle Epoque. Enter this typical villa of the Meuse valley and see how life was then: furniture, decoration and restaurant: nothing has changed in a hundred years and we love that.

  • Adresse: Rue des Villas, 64, 5540 Waulsort 
  • Easy parking 
More information about the Villa 1900