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Gourmet portrait of the Province of Namur

Feb 5, 2019 4:11:25 PM

The pleasure of living, the taste of good things, tradition, crafts... all are found in the food from Namur.

The mild climate of the region, the omnipresence of the water in every valley in the Province, the various waves of invasions by dominating tribes, the diversity of the soils and the creativity have allowed the population to develop its knowhow and its diversity, offering gourmets quality local products.

Warnant - Snail farmBrews and beer

- Duck dishes: Duck "foie gras", duck filet, cassoulet, light paté's... as a ready-made dish or to be prepared according to the recommendations of the producer.
- Snail dishes: The snail is the symbol of the people from Namur, who, as is well known, are as slow as the snail. The vineyard snails "Petit Gris" can be prepared in various ways.
- Fruit wines with surprizing tastes and smells.
- The internationally renowned beef race "Blanc-Bleu-Belge" that offers quality meat served in all the restaurants.
- The craft or abbey beers that perfectly match cheese dishes (matouffé, flamiche, crochon).
- And then, there are the sugary treats, the pastries, the pralines, chocolate, caramels that you can have as a dessert, with the typical smell of strawberries.

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